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The TL-2000 Sting S4 is the latest upgrade to the Sting line, with a redesigned instrument panel, canopy with integral ventilation, open baggage compartment, and more.



The TL-3000 Sirius features easy entry, yoke steering, a generous cockpit, spacious luggage compartment, a useful load capacity of 600 pounds, and 34 gals of fuel.



The powerful Savage Outback, featuring category-leading power-to-weight ratio and remarkable STOL performance (2100fpm climb), is now available in the USA.



Like a custom motorcycle, the Savage Bobber is personalized for its owner with a rich palette of colors and finishes. Ease of handling and service, excellent visibility, optimal comfort and functional design, completely stable inspection ability, together with a robust, resistant structure, combine to render the Bobber particularly suitable for flights with floats or into the bush.



The SeaRey has generated a great deal of enthusiasm for water flying since its first flight in November of 1992. The airplane has proven itself over many thousands of hours to be well designed, reliable and durable, while providing superior flight characteristics. A strong pilot community has grown up around the SeaRey, stretching from the Pacific Northwest to Florida and into Canada. Flying a SeaRey can be an individual exploration, or an invitation to join up with others for expeditions to some of the most interesting water destinations in North America.



The Tecnam Snap is built for aerobatic competition. With a basic empty weight of 628 pounds, and a competition engine producing 130hp at the prop, the Snap is an outstanding performer, yet economical to operate. The Snap may be certified as S-LSA (production light sport aircraft) or Experimental-Exhibition, which allows for individual customization.


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